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Community Support Programs (CSP) are for adults living with a serious and persistent mental illness. CSPs provide coordinated professional care and treatment in the community that includes a broad range of services to meet an individual's unique personal needs, reduce symptoms, and promote recovery.


Community Support Program (CSP) consists of mental health and substance use rehabilitation services and supports necessary to assist an individual in achieving and maintaining the highest degree of independent functioning.The service utilizes a team approach to provide intensive, rehabilitative community support, crisis intervention, individual, and group psycho-education and skill building ...


Community Support Programs, Inc. operates innovative programs for the region’s homeless population diagnosed with chronic mental illnesses. CSP also provides services to abused and neglected children, their families, and foster care families in northwest Louisiana. Lastly, CSP helps develop and locate housing for low-income and disabled families.


www.dhs.pa.gov/Services/Assistance/Pages/Community Support Program.aspx

The Community Support Program (CSP) of Pennsylvania is a coalition of mental health consumers, family members and professionals working to help adults with serious mental illnesses and co-occurring disorders live successfully in the community. The statewide coalition links CSP nationally with regional and local CSP's throughout the State.


The Community Support Program (CSP) is a short-term program offered by certain Medicaid providers to provide intensive case management services to clients who are considered to be "at risk" within the community. This program offers a single point of contact for coordination and follow-up on a client's individual care.


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Community Support Program (CSP) The Community Support Program (CSP) assists individuals with mental health issues in achieving and sustaining the highest quality of life consistent with their abilities, needs, personal ambitions, and available resources. The program strives to instill wellness to individuals living in the community. Objectives


Due to the impacts of COVID-19, and to protect the safety of our Community Support Members and staff, we’ve temporarily closed our Community Support Program locations. Please stay tuned for updates, as we’ll re-open the CSPs as quickly as possible. Avivo offers wellness and recovery-focused services, in our Community Support Programs (CSP), for adults who […]


Community Support Program (CSP) Page Content As an individual, business or community organisation, you can become part of our Community Support Program (CSP) and help someone in humanitarian need start a new life in Australia.


The Community Support Programme (CSP) enables communities, businesses, families and individuals to collaborate in sponsoring persons to arrive in Australia, integrate and achieve financial independence.