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What makes something a bad habit? Well, I feel bad habits have to fit a number of specific requirements: They are repetitive negative behavior patterns.They can be stopped with motivation and will power (unlike a mental condition like Tourrettes).Society takes a dim view of them.The habits break customs, laws, or mores.Many people find the habit annoying, repulsive, or something to be avoided ...


Some habits are objectively bad, e.g., smoking kills you. Other habits like “sleeping in” depend on context, like if it’s making you late for work. And still other habits aren’t really either good or bad, it’s just personal preference.


Find out which 10 daily habits you should break right now to eat and live healthier. Some of the things you do-or don't do-every day might be sabotaging your efforts to be healthier. As you read the list of daily habits, don't be too hard on yourself and expect that you'll change all of these at ...


"Old habits die hard" is a popular adage that holds weight. Everyone has their vices, but some habits are extremely common. And there are explanations behind why these habits are so hard to break.


Unhealthy habits can start to develop after many years of neglecting your body, without you ever realizing it. Look over the list carefully, and start planning for your future by putting a stop to these unhealthy habits: 10. Not Setting Aside Time To Exercise. Most people barely have any time for sleep, let alone exercise.


14 unhealthy habits and how to break them. Share. Sometimes doing something unhealthy develops into a habit. Here's a look at the common bad habits and possible ways to break them. 1. Biting your nails. Apart from causing sore fingertips, biting your nails can cause nail deformation and infection of the gums.


Beat These 8 Common Bad Habits From snacking to nail-biting, sometimes we don’t deal well with stress. Break the cycle now by adopting these new coping techniques. by NEA Member Benefits. Share.


And bad habits are not so bad after all. Because they teach you about yourself, they don’t go without making you learn something about yourself. They tell you what you shouldn’t be like. Here’s a list of 10 of the most common bad habits. Some of them affect most of us, and some trouble us a lot.


Most unhealthy habits are in reaction to stress: excessive work (or hating your job), loss, worry, and avoidance of the tough stuff. These kinds of stressors can paralyze us.


9 Bad Eating Habits and How to Break Them. Nighttime snacking, emotional eating, junk-food binges — sound familiar? Break these common bad eating habits for quick weight loss results.