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Common Lab Tests. As part of a regular checkup, to get a diagnosis, or perhaps to provide a benchmark, your doctor may request one or more laboratory tests. Here is a list of the most common tests ordered and their purposes. Except where noted, all tests are done using a blood sample.


Common Lab Tests. Laboratory and Pathology Medicine. Laboratory and Pathology Medicine; Common Lab Tests; GI Specialty Diagnostic Lab; ... Your doctor has sent you for a test called a Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP). The BMP may be part of a blood work-up for a medical exam or a yearly physical. What the Test Does. This is a group of eight tests ...


These tests are also referred to as “in vitro diagnostics” or “IVDs.” Test results can be used to aid the patient, physician, and caregiver in reaching decisions. Depending on the test and the methods used, testing can be performed at a centralized laboratory, the hospital bedside, the physician’s office, the clinic, the workplace,


Complete blood counts, liver function tests and urinalysis are common medical laboratory tests, states Middlesex Hospital. Doctors use these tests as part of regular checkups and to diagnose conditions or set benchmarks for comparison to future test results.


Screening Tests for Infants; Screening Tests for Children (Ages 2 to 12) Screening Tests for Teens (Ages 13-18) Screening Tests for Young Adults (Ages 19-29) Screening Tests for Adults (Ages 30-49) Screening Tests for Adults (50 and Up)


Laboratory tests check a sample of your blood, urine, or body tissues. A technician or your doctor analyzes the test samples to see if your results fall within the normal range. The tests use a range because what is normal differs from person to person. Many factors affect test results. These include. Your sex, age and race; What you eat and drink


Find a comprehensive index of articles on medical tests and procedures to help manage your health.


List of medical tests and diagnostic procedures: This is a list of medical tests and procedures used to obtain health information and diagnose pathological and nonpathological conditions of the human body. It is grouped by type of procedure and ordered alphabetically. (See alsoddiagnosis; medicine;