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Treatment for kidney disease focuses on preventing and slowing further damage to the patient's kidneys, which is accomplished by controlling the underlying conditions that caused the kidney damage, according to WebMD. Conditions that cause kidney disease may include diabetes, high blood pressure or


Kidney nodules or cysts can be removed surgically or drained if they cause symptoms that affect kidney function, reports the Mayo Clinic. However, when a nodule does not cause symptoms, treatment may not be necessary. Kidney cysts are circular sac-like growths with fluid that can develop in the kidn


Signs of kidney cancer include bloody urine, unexplained low back pain on one side, unexplained weight loss, or a lump on the side or lower back, states the American Cancer Society. Other symptoms are tiredness, appetite loss, unexplained prolonged fever and anemia. However, all of these usually hav


Common symptoms of chronic kidney disease include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness and fatigue, explains Mayo Clinic. Other symptoms include problems sleeping, changes in urine output, swelling of the feet and ankles, hiccups and itching.


Dialysis includes the risks of infection, nausea, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, bleeding at the access point and air bubbles entering the bloodstream. People using the proper methods and exercising care can avoid many of these, according to Healthline.


Renal hemodialysis is a recurrent treatment intended to scrub harmful waste products out of the bloodstream and maintain a healthy blood chemistry. The procedure reproduces the natural function of the kidneys, which makes it a routinely prescribed treatment for patients suffering kidney failure, acc


A renal mass on the kidneys is a growth that arises from the kidney, according to the Division of Urology at Washington University School of Medicine. The most common renal mass is a cyst, which is a sac filled with fluid arising from the kidney. Cysts rarely cause problems.


Doctors often treat kidney complications by managing accompanying medical ailments that tax the kidneys' functionality, such as prescribing medications to lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure or diuretics to reduce fluid retention, notes Mayo Clinic. If a kidney condition is advanced, th


Kidney function tests determine how effectively the kidneys are removing extra fluid and wastes from the blood, explains the National Kidney Foundation. Urine tests determine the swiftness of waste removal and if the kidneys are allowing anomalous amounts of protein to leak through.


Cancer survival prognoses vary depending on at which stage of kidney cancer a person is diagnosed, according to the American Cancer Society. The course kidney cancer takes differs by individual cases and treatments, but observational data provide a guideline for prognoses.