Common ingredients in perfume include essential oils, synthetic fragrance compounds, binders, stabilizers, and water. All perfumes contain a scent component and a base component. The scent component may be natural and sy... More »

Common ingredients in fragrance spray, and other products such as cologne or perfume, include dimethicone, glycerine, propylene glycol and petrolatum. Other ingredients in these products include butane, dipropylene glyco... More »

The process of making perfume starts with collecting the initial ingredients, including plant substances. Then, oils are extracted from plants by different methods, such as steam distillation and solvent extraction. The ... More »

The ingredients typically used in perfumes include ethyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, phthalates, distilled water, essential oils and synthetic fragrances. Water is the main ingredient in many perfumes, and the other ingred... More »

Make cologne or perfume by mixing essential oils with a base oil, water and alcohol. The fragrance takes only a few minutes to mix and up to six weeks to cure. You need a base oil, ethanol, water, a coffee filter, a dark... More » Beauty & Fashion Perfume & Cologne

There are some perfumes on the market that contain human pheromone, such as Human Euphoria perfume for women and Human Sex Pheromone Spray, but many pheromone perfumes use a blend of synthetic pheromones. Pheromones are ... More »

Tova Signature perfume is a light, clean fragrance that is made from 100 percent natural essential oils with notes of bergamot, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, amber and musk, according to The fragrance i... More » Beauty & Fashion Perfume & Cologne