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A particular perch may give a dragonfly a good view over an insect-rich feeding ground, and the blue dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) jostles other dragonflies to maintain the right to alight there. Defending a breeding territory is fairly common among male dragonflies, especially among species that congregate around ponds in large numbers.


Scientific English Français Deutsch Nederlands; Aeshna cyanea: Southern Hawker : Aeschne bleue : Blaugrüne Mosaikjungfer : Blauwe Glazenmaker ; Aeshna grandis


There are problems with using common names though. Think about some of the many common names that members of the aquatic bug family Gerridae have: water striders, water skaters, water skimmers, Jesus bugs, pond skaters, and pond skimmers are just a few.


The common dragonfly is a dragonfly that has only appeared in Animal Crossing. True to its name, it is the most common of the dragonflies during its season, being less abundant than the swarming red dragonfly in the autumn. It appears alone, similar to the banded and darner dragonfly, unlike red dragonflies did in Animal Crossing.


25 Dramatic Dragonfly Nicknames From Around the U.S. ... and other old-fashioned names for the devil. 16., 17., AND 18. ... a particular species of dragonfly known as the globe-skimmer takes ...


The dragonfly is very similar to a damselfly but the wings on the adults are considerably different. The dragonfly is found hovering near lakes and swamps as the dragonfly larvae (the nymph/baby) is aquatic. The dragonfly nymph is capable of producing a painful bite for humans, where the adult dragonfly poses no threat.


The dragonfly's scientific name is Anisoptera, from the phylum Arthropoda, class Insecta and order Odonata, and it's best known for its beautiful coloring and sparkling wings. There are 5,000 individual species of dragonfly worldwide, many of which are classified as threatened due to dwindling numbers.


common name: dragonflies and damselflies scientific name: (Insecta: Odonata) Introduction - Distribution - Description - Key to Adults of Florida - Selected References - Traduction Française - Version en Español Introduction (Back to Top). The order Odonata contains the dragonflies and damselflies and is one of the most popular insect groups.


Click on a species Name (common or scientific) to see the species description, more images, details of habitat, distribution & status, and notes about similar species. For some species a Management Fact File is attached, in PDF format. A comprehensive checklist of resident and migrant UK Odonata is maintained at the UK Species Checklists page.


Types of Dragonflies Dragonflies, an amazing and unique insect is from the order Odonata and the Anisoptera suborder. The attractive characteristic of this creature is the multifaceted large eyes, an elongated body and four transparent and strong wings, with colored markings.