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First names among Romany Gypsy populations were typically unusual and uncharacteristic of the area in which they lived. Examples of female first names are Britannia, Cinderella, Tryphena, Urania, Freedom, Ocean, Reservoir and Vancy. Common male names included Goliath, Shadrack, Belcher, Dangerfield, Liberty, Major, Neptune, Silvanus and Vandlo.


In this issue, we look at Gypsy names. Although there are three main cultural subgroups of Gypsies in the United States, each with its own language and customs, for our purposes we will concentrate primarily on the Rom, the largest subgroup in North America.


[ Read: Lithuanian Baby Names] 2. Romany Gypsy Boy Names: 27. Freedom: This Romany gypsy baby boy name carries a strong philosophical statement. But at the same time, it might be a bit of a load for your boy to carry. Ving Rhames chose this name for his baby boy. It also featured in the book “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer.


Gypsies are featured in operas, novels and historical stories. In recent years, one of the most popular developments in baby naming is to choose a gypsy name. According to some, there are two primary groups of gypsies. Romany gypsies are believed to come from the Indian subcontinent, and they live in America and Europe. Irish […]


Etymology. The demonyms of the Romani people, Lom and Dom share the same etymological origin, reflecting Sanskrit ḍoma "a man of low caste, living by singing and music". Gypsy and gipsy. The English term gipsy or gypsy is commonly used to indicate Romani people, Tinkers and Travellers, and use of the word gipsy in modern-day English is so pervasive (and is a legal term under English law ...


These are common English surnames from the Romany & Traveller Family History Society: Boswell, Buckland, Faa, Hearn, Heron, Lee, Lovell, Smith, Wood, Young and in ...


Male Gypsy Names, Romani Names ... [ Go to Female Gypsy Names, Romani Names] Gypsy names are usually the same as those of the people in the country of their residence. Gypsy people are properly called Roma [sing. Rom]. Their language is called Romani, or Romany. Rom derives from the Sanskrit word dom, meaning "man." ...


Popular Gypsy Names Popular Gypsy Names - Feminine Anelka, Anuaka, Armanka, Anselina, Atha... posted on October 10, 2016 | under Names; Some Gypsy Superstitions It is wise to pitch a tent near a holly tree because it will give you... posted on March 26, 2017 | under Lucky, Omens, Superstitions, Unlucky


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The names' popularity increased from the 1950s up to the 1990s. Their usage peaked modestly in 1998 with 0.128% of baby girls being given Gypsy names. Within the top 1000 baby names then, there was 1 Gypsy name. The names have slipped in popularity since then. In 2018, their usage was 0.045% with 1 Gypsy name listed among the top 1000.