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Attachment is mostly alternate but sometimes opposite in the lowest leaves. The main stem is quite stout and covered to varying degrees in stiff hairs. Notes: Common Sunflower is present in all 50 states, though only native to the lower 48, and is the plant from which many cultivated sunflowers were derived.


common sunflower, Kansas sunflower, mirasol; Helianthus comes from the Greek helios anthos, meaning “sun flower” (Kindscher 1987). The species name annuus means “annual.” Uses Ethnobotanic: The sunflower is a native domesticated crop. During the last 3,000 years, Indians increased the seed size approximately 1,000 percent. They


Common Name(s): Appalachian Sunflower; Hairy Wood Sunflower; Purpledisc Sunflower; Sunflower; Phonetic Spelling hee-lee-AN-thus a-tro-ROO-bens Description. Sunflower is a herbaceous perennial that may grow 3 to 5 feet tall. The leaves are opposite with a smooth margin. White hairs extend down the margin of the leaves.


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Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) is an annual plant with a large daisy-like flower face.Its scientific name comes from the Greek words helios (“sun”) and anthos (“flower”).The flowers come in many colors (yellow, red, orange, maroon, brown) but they are commonly bright yellow with brown centers that ripen into heavy heads filled with seeds.


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The cheerful, giant yellow flowers of a sunflower are easy to recognize, but the species Helianthus annuus has so many varieties that it's not always easy to identify it. Sunflowers come in a variety of colors and sizes, and they even can have differently shaped leaves. Fortunately there are some distinguishing features common to the whole species.


Leaves for Lunch. Sunflower leaves, brewed alone or together with the plant's roots and flower petals, make an earthy tea. You can also eat raw sunflower leaves as salad greens or boil them, if ...

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Helianthus decapetalus - Thinleaf Sunflower, Ten-petal Sunflower, Forest Sunflower, Pale Sunflower. Helianthus decapetalus is an occasionally branching plant from 2 to 5 feet tall, with multiple flower heads on long stalks. It is a relatively leafy sunflower, with opposite leaves on the lower part of the plant and alternate leaves on the upper part of the plant.


The common sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is a sturdy annual that's native to prairies and meadows in the western United States, Canada and Mexico. It sends up thick branching stems that can reach a height of between 5 and 10 feet. Its triangular or heart-shaped leaves are hairy and