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Helianthus annuus (Common Sunflower) is a tall, fast-growing annual with broad, oval to heart-shaped, roughly hairy leaves. In summer, it produces huge, brilliant flowers, up to 12 in. across (30 cm), with yellow petals surrounding a dark chocolate central disk. Borne on stiff upright stalks, the flower heads tend to follow the sun from morning to night.


Making a bold statement in the garden, Helianthus annuus 'Giant Sungold' (Common Sunflower) is a fast-growing, well-branched annual with oblong to lanceolate leaves and striking brilliant flowers. In summer, it produces huge, fluffy, fully-double flowers, up to 6-10 in. across (15-25 cm), resembling golden-yellow pompoms.


The common Sunflower is a native of Mexico and Peru, introduced into this country in the sixteenth century and now one of our most familiar garden plants. It is an annual herb, with a rough, hairy stem, 3 to 12 feet high, broad, coarselytoothed, rough leaves, 3 to 12 inches long, and circular heads of flowers, 3 to 6 inches wide in wild ...


Common Sunflower blooms from February to October, nearly all year. It is similar in appearance to Slender Sunflower, but larger and more stout. The large radiant flowers punctuate the tops of long erect stems, with yellow ray flowers and brownish purple disk flowers, overall varying from 2 to 6 inches in diameter.


Common sunflower is a common annual of dry western habitats. It stands from 40 to 200 cm tall, and has a rough, hairy texture to the stems and leaves. The stem often has side branches which end in flower heads. It has broad,triangular leaf blades with slightly toothed margins. The leaf is a dull dark green.


Attachment is mostly alternate but sometimes opposite in the lowest leaves. The main stem is quite stout and covered to varying degrees in stiff hairs. Notes: Common Sunflower is present in all 50 states, though only native to the lower 48, and is the plant from which many cultivated sunflowers were derived.


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Rust, leaf fungal spots, and powdery mildew are somewhat common. Because stems can be flimsy, plants may need to be staked, especially if planted in a windy location. More information on Helianthus. See this plant in the following landscape: Four-Season Garden Cultivars / Varieties: 'First Light' 3-4 feet 'Gold Lace' Golden yellow, 5-7' tall ...


Leaves. Wild sunflower leaves have a rough, scratchy texture and are lance-ovate, egg-shaped, or heart-shaped, and can measure up to 30 cm long. The leaves are alternate and both the leaves and stems have course hairs. The upper surface of the leaves is dull green and covered with short stiff hairs, giving it a sandpaper-like feel.


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