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Electronic portion scales are one of the most common tools used in any commercial kitchen. These scales can be used to portion out any type of food based on its weight, ensuring consistency and quality in the final product made by your staff. These scales can be used for weighing out individual portions for plating, or for weighing large ...


Trust Toledo Scales to sell quality commercial scales and install the equipment at your property. We offer a wide range of products, specifically designed to meet your business needs. Whether you require a heavy-duty scale or laboratory balances, we have what you need. To ask about our current specials, call us at (808) 845-4943.


Industrial & Commercial Scales. Holtgreven Scale & Electronics is a manufacturer and distributer for Loadmaster Industrial & Commercial Scales. Our Commercial Scales include Above Ground, Railroad, Portable Truck Scales and more. If you are looking for Crane Scales, Floor Scales, or Coil Scales, check out or Industrial Scales.


You’re viewing our commercial scales. We carry Adcraft, Cas and Cardinal Detecto scales at low prices. We have a wide variety of scale products, including bench, chair, computing, counting, dial, dual read, hanging, industrial, platform, portable, stainless steel, top loader dial, veterinary, waste receptacle and heavy duty scales.


Browse the Health o meter new product line for the most advanced professional and commercial scales. Skip to main content. Weigh Easier® 1 (800) 815-6615. Products ...


Portable truck scale weigh pads are a low profile truck scale system that has a simple flat surface weighing platform in which trucks drive over to calculate the load weight. When trucks drive on to these surfaces it displays and records the weight on a remote terminal. At the core of each of these pads is a highly sensitive truck scale load cell.


Industrial Scale Company offers quality service you can rely on for industrial and commercial scales and instrument calibration. Our Scale Division is ready to serve you with full service, from designing a fully integrated warehouse scale system, purchasing truck or shipping scales


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Commercial Vehicle Scale Complexes Commercial Vehicle Scale Complexes. Coffee County Scales. THP District 2 Scale House - Coffee County Located on I-24 West, Mile Marker 115 P.O. Box 463 Manchester, TN 37349 (931) 393-0788. Giles County Scales. THP District 7 Scale House - Giles County ...