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John 1:26-30 John the Baptist makes it clear that, though he was a prophet, he was not the Prophet, but rather was sent as a preparer of the way for the One who was the Prophet. John the Baptist's ministry was "unto repentance." He came revealing to people their sins, something the prophets always did.


b 1 The beginning of the gospel [John begins his Gospel from eternity, where the Word is found coexistent with God. Matthew begins with Jesus, the humanly generated son of Abraham and David, born in the days of Herod the king. Luke begins with the birth of John the Baptist, the Messiah's herald; and Mark begins with the ministry of John the Baptist.


John the Baptist came to bear witness concerning Jesus. Nothing more fully shows the darkness of men's minds, than that when the Light had appeared, there needed a witness to call attention to it. Christ was the true Light; that great Light which deserves to be called so.


So John the *Baptist said that his situation was like a wedding. Jesus was like the bridegroom because he was the most important person. John the *Baptist was like the bridegroom’s friend. At a *Jewish wedding, the bridegroom’s friend had many duties. For example, this friend arranged the wedding and he sent out the invitations.


The birth of John the Baptist. In these verses we have an account of the birth of John the Baptist, and the great joy among all the relations of the family. He shall be called Johanan, or to Gracious, to because he shall bring in the gospel of Christ, wherein God's grace shines most bright. Zacharias recovered his speech.


Commentary on Mark 6 (Death of John the Baptist) ... Mark tells the story of John the Baptist’s execution in chapter six, starting in verse 14. In verses 14-16, Mark tells his readers that King Herod hears about Jesus and becomes concerned that he is John the Baptist raised from the dead. Herod assumes that a raised John the Baptist would ...


David Guzik commentary on John1 gives a prologue to the Gospel of John,the testimony of John the Baptist on Jesus , and an account of the first disciples.


John the Baptist, His preaching, manner of life, and baptism. After Malachi there was no prophet until John the Baptist came. He appeared first in the wilderness of Judea. This was not an uninhabited desert, but a part of the country not thickly peopled, nor much enclosed. No place is so remote as to shut us out from the visits of Divine grace.


John the Baptist, well-known for baptizing Jesus in the river Jordan, is commonly referred to as the precursor or forerunner of Jesus. There are many parallels to the lives of John the Baptist and Jesus, as they both preached about repentance and the Kingdom of God and criticized the religious leaders of their day.


“Among them that are born of women there has not arisen a greater than John the Baptist” (Mt. 11:11). John’s Background and Birth John was born to aged Jewish parents, Zacharias and Elizabeth, who were of a priestly family (Lk. 1:5).