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A commemorative coin is a coin that is made to honor or celebrate a person, an event, an institution or a place. Commemorative coins are legal tender, but are not put into circulation.


The first U.S. commemorative coin was the Columbian Exposition half dollar, first issued in 1892 by the Philadelphia Mint. The coin features a bust of Christopher Columbus on one side and Santa Maria positioned over two globes on the reverse.


The value of a commemorative gold coin depends on a variety of factors, including the design, mint date, condition and how much gold is in the coin. Coins with a high gold content are typically worth significantly more than commemorative gold coins produced of a secondary metal with gold overlay.


To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the July 20, 1969 moon landing, the Marshall Islands issued a $5 coin. Made of copper and nickel, the coin bears an image of an astronaut stepping down from the moon lander onto the moon's surface on the obverse and a Marshall Island's seal on the reverse. Valu


Commemorative coins can be appraised through appraisers, dealers or retailers, according to the American Society of Appraisers, PCGS and U.S. Department of the Treasury websites. The U.S. Treasury does not appraise coins, but it provides additional information and links to outside resources.


You can determine a commemorative stamp's worth by looking it up in the Scott Postage Stamp Catalog. Many libraries in the United States have a copy of this catalog.


USA.gov, the federal government's official web portal, recommends flying flags at half-staff, visiting 9/11 memorials and reading stories about 9/11 experiences as ways to commemorate the 9/11 terror attacks. Additionally, the Corporation for National and Community Service promotes service projects


Websites allow coin enthusiasts to find the value of a particular coin with ease. CoinTrackers and My Coin Collecing are two such examples. Popular coins listed on CoinTrackers include Barber Quarters, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar and the Liberty Seated Dime. My Coin Collecting allows a collector


To find the value of an old coin -- other than having it appraised by a coin expert -- one should examine it based on a number of factors. Some factors that affect coin value are age, rarity, condition, design and country of origin.


While an indeterminate amount of coins may have been made by unofficial sources, Britain's Royal Mint has made several coins in honor of major events in Prince George's life, including his birth, christening and first birthday. These coins are typically made in limited editions and are considered th