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Some words of comfort are to offer the person friendship and support and to acknowledge that the person is going through a difficult time. Comforting words also include sharing positive memories, sympathizing with the person's emotions and offering the person hope that she can find new things to enj


Making your cat physically comfortable is an important part of easing her passing. Medications such as painkillers can be helpful. Talk to your cat's veterinarian to determine what medications may be useful.


One basic way to make people feel comfortable is for a person to say "thank you," according to Forbes. The simple phrase helps to create a sense of goodwill between two parties. Another simple phrase is saying "please," making individuals feel they are doing you a favor and not following orders.


When a person is dying, physical symptoms include hands, feet and legs becoming cold; fingers, earlobes lips and nail beds turning a bluish or grey color; reduced blood pressure; and an increased but weaker heart rate. Fever is also common near death, according to Compassion and Support


When someone is dying, it is important to focus on the needs of the person who is dying and to actively listen. People who are dying often want to talk about the process of death itself, and may have fears about what death will be like or about how their passing will be handled. In addition to words


The human body undergoes many physical changes as it prepares for death. The process of dying is also an emotional one, reports nonprofit organization, Hospice Net. Everyone deals with their impending death differently, so not everyone experiences the same emotions.


Examples of words of comfort for individuals diagnosed with cancer include asking how the patient feels, offering to help in any way possible and listening to the patients' responses with care, according to Cancer.org. Encouragement is recommended, but it is important to avoid false optimism or to t


Some comforting words for people experiencing a serious illness are "I am here if you need me," and "I love you." Genuine words of caring that express sentiments such as "You mean a lot to me," and "I'm sorry you have to go through this," are meaningful and comforting.


Human comfort is achieved when the environment provides the appropriate conditions to avoid feeling too cold or hot, according to Weather Prediction. Six factors influence human comfort: temperature, clothing, wind speed, sunlight, humidity and evaporative cooling.


A comfort dog is meant to help people recover cognitively and even sometimes physically, but is not necessarily a trained service animal. Comfort dogs may help keep people calm or bring them joy, but they are not always qualified to complete helping tasks.