... to be compatible with the other cable box which is a Motorola dcx3400. ... my new remote to my old living room comcast box thats been around for a while now ... MOTOROLA DAC224 remote code. ... Reset Cable box code:.

Learn more about your Comcast TV box and download the user manual here. ... HDTV Cable Box - Motorola DCX3200M P2/RNG 150N User Manual

Comcast Universal Remotes accept 4 and 5 digit codes, depending on the ... The first digit is 0 for a cable box; 1 for a TV; 2 for a VCR, DVR, or DVD player; and ...

Jul 15, 2016 ... COMCAST Cable Box Remote Code 0511. COMTRONICS Cable Box Remote Code 0474 0475. CONTEC Cable Box Remote Code 0476.

If your Cable/Satellite box is not listed or none of the codes work for your device, try the programming process again ... *note: If the codes listed do not connect your remote to your Cable/Satellite box or you have ... COMCAST ... MOTOROLA.

It can become very difficult to keep track of what codes and buttons you have pushed and ... Your Comcast remote should now be configured to your cable box .

Dl - Dl is a reboot code on Motorola DCT boxes (cable T.V. receivers) which ... The code may briefly appear on the cable box when the TV is first powered on but ...

A Motorola cable box serves as a medium that delivers video signal from a cable ... and offers the availability to access high definition programming, on-demand ...

The Motorola cable box remote code is 0476 or 0276. One of its uses is to ... How Many Digits Do Comcast Remote Programming Codes Have? Related Search.

All Comcast cable boxes include a remote control when they are rented from Comcast. By default, the remote control is programed to work with the cable box, an RCA ... once again as soon as the device turns off to save the code to the remote.