The word equation for wood combustion is that wood in the presence of oxygen and high heat combusts to produce carbon dioxide, water vapor, heat and ash residue. Wood combustion gives off heat because it is an exothermic... More »

A wood gasifier is a fuel generator that converts dry wood into fuel through combustion. The fuel generated from a wood gasifier is smokeless, environmentally friendly and economical, and it is used to fuel internal comb... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools

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In words, the equation for combustion, in most cases, is a hydrocarbon plus oxygen equals carbon dioxide plus water plus heat. Other cases involve burning hydrogen and oxygen without carbon and reactions that create carb... More »

An example of the law of conservation of mass is the combustion of a piece of paper to form ash, water vapor and carbon dioxide. In this process, the mass of the paper is not actually destroyed; instead, it is transforme... More »

Fire is the result of a chemical reaction called combustion, a type of oxidation reaction that occurs when a combustible fuel is exposed to a source of heat in the presence of oxygen. The oxidation of the molecules that ... More »

Burning candles mostly emit carbon dioxide and water vapor, which is a product of hydrogen and oxygen. Research has suggested that certain types of candles, such as the traditional paraffin candle, may also give off toxi... More »