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Teal is a bluish-green color. It has a low saturation level and is mixed by blending blue and green in a base of white. The addition of gray or black makes darker shades of teal.


Teal is created by mixing green and blue with a white base. Teal is a moderately dark bluish-green hue, and it has minimal saturation levels. It's also referred to as teal blue or dark cyan.


The color teal, a mix between blue and green, represents open communication and clarity of thought. According to color psychology, the color blue expresses calm, gentle, serene feelings, while green symbolizes growth, strength and spirit.


Looking at a color wheel, the color matching teal would be coral. However, teal also goes well with navy, pink, cream, and brown and gold tones.


Blue and green are mixed to create teal. Teal is a color that falls into either the secondary or tertiary color wheel.


Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Custom Pins feature teal green color charts on their websites. Find a teal green color chart at most paint stores or on most paint stores' websites, as well as at most companies that offer products in a large variety of different col...


Browns and neutral tones are the most calming complementary colors for teal. Tones work best when kept similar – light brown pairs light teal, and dark brown goes dark teal. The more traditional color wheel complement for teal is coral.