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Some of the ways to help the elderly include paying some of their bills, addressing their emotional needs, ensuring health care provision and preparing their home to be as comfortable as possible. As people grow old, they tend to experience a deterioration in mental and physical capabilities. This i


Common needs of the elderly include a healthy diet, safety, medical care and assistance with mobility. The use of assistive devices such as higher toilet seats and handrails in the bathroom minimize risks of falling.


The Jitterbug Plus is ranked as the number one easiest to use cellphones for a senior citizen, according to Gazelle. It is a standard flip phone with an easy-to-read keypad, and comes in red, white or blue.


Good activities for seniors include starting a simple exercise regimen, playing easy video games, and joining senior centers or card clubs, recommends Parentgiving. Depending on the older person's overall condition, urge him to study another language or subject, start photography or any new hobby, o


Individuals caring for the elderly should keep the lines of communication open with family members to determine the most appropriate plan for assisting with daily needs such as bathing, feeding, socializing and medical care, suggests WebMD. Caregivers should also communicate with the elderly person


A popular brand of cellphone specifically designed for seniors is the Jitterbug, which is very simple, inexpensive and easy to use. Elderly people looking for a smartphone should consider include the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge in addition to Apple's iPhone 6.


Some examples of elderly care jobs are in-home caregivers and nurses and aides at nursing homes. Caregivers provide different types of assistance programs based on their client, such as Alzheimer's and dementia assistance. Nursing homes are places for people that require constant care throughout the


Some careers for the elderly include consulting, part-time work, teaching and retail. These jobs offer flexible hours and little stress, making them ideal for retired or retiring workers.


Symptoms of depression in the elderly include decreased energy, anxiety, pessimism and feelings of sadness, guilt or worthlessness, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Other symptoms include insomnia, changes in appetite, difficulty concentrating, and persistent aches and pa


Some crafts for elderly people include making objects out of polymer clay, scrapbooking, making collages, ceramics and mosaics. Other popular crafts for seniors include one-stroke painting, beading and knitting.