A hair dye color chart is used to select either an entirely new hair color or to subtly change an existing color to a few shades darker or lighter. The color chart also helps to select good combination colors for highlig...

Red hair color charts, or color swatches, are usually included as a resource on or near boxes of hair color in hair specialty stores. Otherwise, helpful color charts are readily available online. It is always advisable t...

Color charts can help in choosing the right hair color by providing a list of the basic hair colors and their different tones. It is also helpful in determining the hair color that best matches your skin color and tone.


Highlighted hair which is then dyed will display different shades of color, but the process should not be affected otherwise. It is safe and easy to dye highlighted hair.

According to In Style magazine, the key to picking a new hair color is to choose one that is appropriate for your skin tone. Study your hair and skin in natural light to choose the right color.

Apply coffee, tea, henna or the hulls of black walnuts to naturally dye hair a darker color. To dye red hair a darker shade of red, apply hibiscus, rose hips or the juice of carrots or beets.

Olive skin tones tend to look better with darker shades of brown, including cinnamon, auburn and chestnut brown. The undertone of the skin makes a considerable difference in the right shade, notes InStyle.