Delaware became a permanent settlement in 1638. The colony was founded by Peter Minuit, who named the colony New Sweden. It functioned as part of the New Netherlands. The Dutch acquired New Netherlands after battling the... More »

The Delaware Colony, under England, was first governed by the Duke of York and then considered a Proprietary Colony, which entails a certain governmental structure. The Duke of York era was from 1664 to 1682, and the Pro... More »

The Delaware Colony did not have one specific religion, which then opened it up to religious freedom for Quakers, Catholics, Jews and more. The Charter of Delaware specifically stated that there was no one religion to su... More »

Life in Delaware colony was typical of the time, with a focus on giving residents room to practice their religions and living off the land. One of the original 13 colonies, Delaware was a Middle Colony and it existed bet... More »

Peter Minuit and The New Sweden Company founded Delaware in 1638; it was named for the Delaware River, which was itself named for Lord de la Warr, an early colonial Virginia governor. Delaware did not become a state unti... More »

The colony of New Jersey was eventually classified as the land between the Hudson and Delaware rivers, bordered to the west by the Appalachian Mountains. New Jersey's fertile soil, long growing season, location between t... More »

The main Native American tribes that inhabited the current state of Delaware were the Lenape, who were also called the Delaware, the Nanticoke and the Assateague. They were contacted by Dutch and English settlers, and re... More » History Modern History US History