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Colloid: Short synonym for colloidal system. Colloidal: State of subdivision such that the molecules or polymolecular particles dispersed in a medium have at least one dimension between approximately 1 nm and 1 μm, or that in a system discontinuities are found at distances of that order.


“Colloidal” Definition. Colloidal refers to items of a small size that are floating in a medium of one of three substances: a solid, a liquid, or a gas. Colloidal particles can be suspended in a substance just like their own make-up or a different substance with the exception of gases. Gas particles will not suspend in another gas.


Colloidal particle. In Materials science and Colloidal chemistry, the term colloidal particle is about a small amount of matter having size typical for colloids and with a clear phase boundary. The dispersed-phase particles have a diameter between approximately 1 and 1000 nanometers. Colloids are heterogeneous in nature.


Define colloidal. colloidal synonyms, colloidal pronunciation, colloidal translation, English dictionary definition of colloidal. n. 1. Chemistry a. A system in which finely divided particles, which are approximately 1 to 1,000 millimicrons in size, are dispersed within a continuous... Colloidal - definition of colloidal by The Free Dictionary ...


Colloids: Definition, Types & Examples. ... The particles of a colloid mixture are intermediate in size when compared to the particles of a solution or a suspension - remember the example of grade ...


Colloid definition, a substance made up of a system of particles with linear dimensions in the range of about 10−7 to 5 × 10−5 cm dispersed in a continuous gaseous, liquid, or solid medium whose properties depend on the large specific surface area. The particles can be large molecules like proteins, or solid, liquid, or gaseous aggregates and they remain dispersed indefinitely.


Colloidal solutions are the type of mixture, where the solute (tiny particles or colloids) is uniformly distributed in the solvent (liquid phase). The suspension is the mixture, where the solute does not get dissolved, rather get suspended in the liquid and float freely in the medium. ... Definition of Colloidal Solution. The heterogeneous ...


colloid definition: The definition of a colloid is a combination of molecules mixed through other substances that will not settle out or join with the other substance. (noun) Mayonnaise and blood are both examples of colloids....


Colloidal definition, pertaining to or of the nature of a colloid: colloidal gold and silver. See more.


colloid [kol´oid] 1. gluelike. 2. the translucent, yellowish, gelatinous substance resulting from colloid degeneration. 3. a chemical system composed of a continuous medium (the continuous phase) throughout which are distributed small particles, 1 to 1000 nm in size (the disperse phase), which do not settle out under the influence of gravity. Colloidal ...