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How to Become a Zookeeper: Degrees, Schools & Career Info We kind of like animals more than we like people and that prompted us to write about how to become a zookeeper today. From what we can tell, this seems like a super fun job even if you might go home every day stinking to high heaven and covered in various bits of fecal matter.


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The love and passion that you have for animals will help you work as a zookeeper, but you also need a solid foundation in accounting topics, budgeting and fundraising. While the best degree to become a zookeeper is a degree in zoology or animal science, you also need to gain some experience before applying for open positions.


A zookeeper position is a career for people who love the idea of working with exotic animals and do not mind long days, dirty working conditions and potential danger on the job. Entry-level positions at a zoo may require only a high school diploma, but getting more education by taking classes or receiving a degree ...


/ How to Become a Zookeeper - Career Salaries, Job Stats & Education. Looking at a Zookeeping Career? Become empowered and motivated by building on your current knowledge, or step into a certificate course that gives you the confidence to take your career to the next level.


How to Be a Zookeeper. Zookeepers are professionals who work to educate people and care for animals in a zoo, aquarium, or animal park. Zoos employ people from a wide-variety of backgrounds, so there is no single way to guarantee a job in...


Colleges to become a zookeeper? Any college that offers a program in biological science, animal science, zoology, or wildlife will work. Some colleges do have actual zookeeping programs, but you ...


Many students ask us whether the Zoology Major is the best preparation at UF for becoming a zookeeper. To help answer this, Susan Danhauser, Director of Human Resources for the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, has very kindly provided the information below.. Our Zoo can have up to 100 or more applications for every zookeeper opening here at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.


So You Want to be a Zookeeper? Zookeeping. ... Whether or not you finally decide to become a zookeeper, zoologist, or naturalist, we hope you attain a life-long interest in animals and in the natural world. ... These are normally offered to college and university students, recent graduates, and individuals with prior college coursework in the ...


College Degree Programs. The reality of employment in the zoological field is that a two-year Community College specialized animal program or a four-year University program in an animal-related science, coupled with practical zoo animal experience are required to be considered a competitive applicant for a zookeeping job.