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Compare top California colleges and universities. ... Alum: Occidental College is one of the most underrated colleges out there. It has excellent faculty who are committed to seeing their students realize their fullest potential and succeed in whatever they are passionate in. Great facilities, beautiful campus, great location, excellent weather ...


Looking for a college in California? See a listing of California colleges and universities at US News Best Colleges. Admissions information, tuition, rankings and more for colleges in California.


University of California, Santa Barbara was founded in 1891 as an independent teachers' college. It joined the University of California system in 1944.; University of California, Los Angeles was founded in 1882 as the southern branch of the California State Normal School.It joined the University of California system in 1919 as the southern branch of the University of California.


California Colleges


UCLA scored 2.64 out of 4. University of California — Los Angeles jumped two spots from last year's ranking. The university is ranked #55 by Forbes and #25 for universities by US News.


#14 Best Christian Colleges in California. ... To say that the University was helpful and went out of there way to ensure my success and ability to learn is the proverbial understatement. I have been to several colleges and none come close to the exemplary way the staff and assistants and Instructors demonstrated and have demonstrated as I ...


The Long Beach campus of California State University stands out among California colleges and universities in a variety of ways. CSULB has been named one of the best value schools in California by Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, for example, and recently added 165,000 square feet of state-of-the-art laboratory, classroom and research space to its science building.


What is the UC San Diego College System? The College system is what makes UC San Diego special. No other university in the United States organizes the undergraduate experience around a College system as comprehensive as UC San Diego's. Our small colleges – each about 4,700 students – help students thrive in a welcoming community.


Residents of California pay an annual total price of $33,901 to attend University of California Los Angeles on a full time basis. This fee is comprised of $11,502 for tuition, $15,441 room and board, $1,171 for books and supplies and $1,759 for other fees.


"To be eligible for tuition discounts generally, out-of-state colleges may throw money at students who exceed the bar on admissions standards," says Aviva Legatt, founder of VivED Consulting, a ...