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The basic requirements to get into a nursing college include a high school diploma with courses such as biology, psychology, physics, chemistry and English, a minimum GPA and clearing of certain pre-admission exams. The specific admission requirements vary depending on the nursing course chosen.


Columbia University and New York University, both in New York City, top the USA Today list of the best U.S. colleges for nursing. Columbia offers a nursing entry to practice program that provides graduates with both a bachelor's degree and master's degree.


As of 2015, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Washington are ranked by CollegeAtlas.org as the top American nursing schools. These rankings are based on side-by-side comparisons of methodology-driven university rankings by publications including U.S. News


Becoming a registered nurse typically takes two to three years to earn an associate's degree in nursing and four years to earn a bachelor's degree. Many colleges offer accelerated programs for earning a bachelor's degree to registered nurses who already have an associate's degree or bachelor's degre


As of 2015, no colleges offer free nursing assistant classes. Colleges that offer nursing assistant classes as part of a certified nursing assistant program include Community College of Rhode Island, San Diego Community College, Fox Valley Technical College and Renton Technical College, notes Learn.


The requirements to become a nurse in the United States depend on whether the position being sought is a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN). LPNs must pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses, or NCLEX-PN, and a well-chosen and accredited LPN progra


While some schools may maintain specific additional criteria, most typically require a bachelor's degree and a current registered nursing certification school nurse applicants. Each state features its own requirements for becoming a registered nurse, which may include varying amounts of practical wo


To sign up for a nursing review class to prepare for the certification exam, go to the educational website for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing at LearningExt.com, choose the desired course and complete the registration process. The NCSBN also offers courses for continuing education c


Some common college classes in the U.S. are freshman composition and U.S. history, states HumanitiesIndicators.org. Other common college classes include introductory literature and Western civilization/culture courses and language courses such as introductory and intermediate Spanish.


Four-year colleges for nursing are schools that offer students the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. This degree program teaches students the skills needed to begin a nursing career, such as anatomy, communication and clinical experience. Examples of 4-year colleges with