The collective noun for cows is "herd." Other words that are used include "dairy," "drove," "pack" and "team," though some of these are more common in other English-speaking countries outside of the U.S. More »

Some common collective nouns include "board," "orchestra," "class" and "family." Collective nouns describe groups and usually take a singular verb, although there are times when a plural verb is used with a collective no... More » Education

The collective noun for a group of whales is a pod. Since many kinds of whales are social, they can often be found in pods made up of their relatives or even unrelated whales. More »

When used in a sentence, a proper noun should be correctly capitalized and make sense within the context. A proper noun is a specific person, place or thing with a specific name. For example, a truck is a common noun, bu... More » Education

Pronouns are used to replace nouns that have already been mentioned in a sentence to avoid repeating the noun. They also replace other pronouns and noun phrases. Pronouns are used to make sentences less repetitive and un... More » Education

An appositive is a noun, a noun phrase, or noun clause which sits next to another noun to rename it or describe it in another way, explains the Grammar Monster. The word comes from a Latin word meaning "to put near." More » Education

When used as a noun, a consonant is defined as a sound of speech made by diverting, occluding or obstructing air flowing from the lungs. It is the opposite of a vowel sound. When used as an adjective, consonant means to ... More » Education Writing