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The Pink Splendor Barbie was released in 1996 and was priced at a whopping $900. Yeah, $900 for a doll that if you ever touched or took out of the package was suddenly worth half that. This Barbie came dressed in a long silk ball gown, silk underwear, a towering hairdo, and her whole look was studded with rhinestones.


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Most Valuable Barbie Dolls. Some Barbie dolls are incredibly valuable. If you're lucky enough to have one of the models in the Barbie collector price guide below, you could be holding a fashionable fortune: Original Barbie - The original first edition Barbie from 1959 is very rare.


Antique and collectible toys resonate with collectors today for their ability to evoke the power of memory and nostalgia.From holding on to your first Barbie doll to discovering a mint-condition action figure from your childhood, these objects offer a glimpse at the historical evolution of toys in our society and serve as cultural relics.


Collector Editions of Barbie dolls are produced in quantities of 35,000, and Limited Editions are produced in quantities of less than 35,000. If you have the Barbie doll's original outfit, your Barbie doll is worth more wearing it than if you have it dressed in other fashions. This is also true for accessories.


Collectible I Love Lucy Mattel Barbie dolls make perfect collector's items and play things for the young Lucy fan in training. Below is a summary of all the I Love Lucy Mattel dolls organized by release date: 1997: Vitameatavegamin Lucy ("Lucy Does A TV Commercial") 1998: The Candy Factory Lucy ("Job Switching")


Pink label Barbies are the basic beginner dolls for collectors. Silver label dolls have less than 50,000 dolls on the market. Gold label collections put out 25,000 dolls. Platinum label dolls number fewer than 1,000 dolls. The black label denotes high-end collectibles for the serious adult collector 2.


“There was Barbie’s cousin, Francie, done in 1972,” Justice says. “A never-removed-from-box example of her would go for $2,500. There are dolls through the history of Barbie, even as recent as 10 to 15 years ago, that still go for at least four figures.” Any Barbie connected with something of cultural significance may be saleable.


Baby dolls created for children age 0-3+ to play with and love. Collectible dolls, for all ages, range from storybook characters to literary favorites.