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The Kingdom of the Netherlands is located in northwestern Europe, bordered by Belgium on the south and Germany on the east and northeast. It is also bordered by the North Sea on the west and northwest. The total area of the Netherlands is 41,526 square kilometers.


The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of four separate countries. They include the Netherlands itself, plus three independent countries located in the Caribbean: Curacao, Aruba and Sint Maarten.


The Netherlands is famous for its wooden clogs, windmills, Gouda cheese, tulips and canals. Tourists flock to Noordoostpolder each spring to view the vibrant tulips at the Tulip Festival.


The Netherlands does not have an official national flower, but the tulip is regarded as the unofficial national flower of the Netherlands. The Netherlands produces roughly 9 million flower bulbs a year, and the tulip is the most popular.


The continental Netherlands lies within the continent of Europe. The Netherlands also has three islands located in the Caribbean. The Netherlands borders the North Sea and is situated between Germany and Belgium.


The main religion in the Netherlands is Roman Catholicism, to which 29 percent of the population belongs, according to a 2008 survey. Nineteen percent of Dutch citizens identify as Protestant, while 42 percent claim no religion at all.


The physical features of the Netherlands include flat country, rolling hills and the Ardennes Mountains. Water features, such as the Rhine, Meuse and Schelde Rivers, are some of the most prominent features of this country.


Traditional Netherlands costumes worn by women include ankle-length dresses with long sleeves, aprons and a small fitted cloth hat. Men wear a traditional costume with a long sleeve button up shirt; loose, pleated front pants; neck scarf and hat. Traditional costumes usually include a pair of decora


Germany and Belgium border the Netherlands. To the east, the Netherlands shares a 358-mile border with Germany, while the common border with Belgium to the south runs 279 miles.


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