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Subject: Dollar Store Toothpaste(s) I don’t know if any of you watched Channel 5 News last night, but they did an investigation on dollar stores (including Dollar Tree, Greenbacks & 99 Cents ...


Colgate is manufactured around the world in a number of countries, including Latin America and Asia. A person can see where the toothpaste was made by looking at the manufacturer's information on the toothpaste box or packaging.


Best Answer: According to the boxes: Colgate Total: Made in U.S.A. Colgate Baking Soda & Peroxide Whitening with Oxygen Bubbles Fluoride Toothpaste: Made in Mexico Colgate Fluoride Toothpaste, Kids line: Made in Canada Colgate Max Fresh: Made in Made in U.S.A. Colgate Maximum Strength Sensitive: Made in U.S ...


Colgate Kids Fluoride Toothpaste featuring Ryan's World provides clinically-proven cavity and enamel protection that strengthens and protects developing teeth. This fluoride toothpaste for kids is specially designed those ages 2+ and comes in a mild bubble fruit flavor that kids will love.


These Colgate facilities are located in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. All Colgate manufacturing facilities providing toothpaste sold in the United States, including Mexico, are registered with the ...


We got an email about toothpaste being sold at Dollar General and other discount stores that is being made in Mexico. Checking a brand new tube of CREST toothpaste sitting on the sink, I read the label only to discover it is "distributed" by Proctor & Gamble, but Made in Mexico. It is going in the trash after I call the 800# on the back today: 1-800-699-3974 for answers to my questio...


Crest toothpaste is manufactured in North America, the majority at our facility in Greensboro, North Carolina. The only versions of Crest Toothpaste that are not made in Greensboro, NC are the Neat Squeeze Tubes and the 6.2 oz Crest Plus Scope Minty Fresh Striped Toothpaste, both of which are made in Mexico City, Mexico.


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Boxes sold in the US are made either in the USA or in Mexico. The Colgate on sale in other countries is made elsewhere. Colgate has factories in several countries.


Crest does make toothpaste here in the USA, the crest for kids with the sparkles is made in north carolina. some of there products are made in mexico but i have yet to see china on their toothpaste. i called the company since i didn't see where the kids crest sparkle toothpaste was, they stated that if there is no country of origin, it is made ...