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Common problems with Coleman furnaces include issues with the pilot light, insufficient heat and difficulties starting. Some of these problems can be avoided with proper furnace maintenance.


Coleman manufactures a water heater and two catalytic heater models suitable for outdoor use. The portable water heater powers its Hot Water On Demand accessories. This heater runs on propane and battery power, and has the same heating capacity as a small residential water heater. Coleman markets th


Plugging the furnace in and ensuring sufficient well-maintained ductwork is connected are basic steps to installing a Coleman furnace. These units are designed to be installed in an open space or an area with a recess; the placement of the furnace plays a vital role in the unit’s heat distribution.


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Many utility and service companies provide the service of lighting the furnace pilot, or one may do it by locating the pilot and the control knob on the equipment. One should always exert caution and refer to the owner's manual prior to working directly with the unit.


Coleman portable generators were once sold under the Coleman Powermate brand. Powermate has since become its own brand and offers product manuals for both Coleman Powermate and Powermate generators on its company website as downloadable PDF files and free of charge. Manuals are listed by model numbe


To operate a Coleman thermoelectric coolers, plug the included 12-volt cord into a vehicle outlet. An adapter is also available for use with a 110-volt home outlet. The coolers function as small, upright refrigerators or traditional chest coolers.


Coleman furnaces are available from local heating and cooling specialists. To search for local dealers by zip code, potential customers can visit the website for Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning.


As of 2015, the Coleman brand, otherwise known as Coleman Powermate, offers free replacement manuals for generators on Powermate.com. Manuals are downloadable in PDF format, and users have the option to print copies through the website. Additionally, NeedAnOwnersManual.com sells manuals for a limite


The best way to repair a Coleman oil furnace is to first identify the actual problem and then repair or replace the damaged component. Common problems with Coleman oil furnaces include tripped circuit breakers, incorrectly set thermostats and defective oil pumps.