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Prepare the base for a hot tub by pouring a concrete pad. Excavate the ground, build the concrete form and add reinforcement steel before pouring. Allow sufficient time for the concrete to cure before installing the new hot tub.


Some highly-rated hot tubs as of 2015 are the Garden Spas Azalea, HotSpring SX, Bullfrog Spas A Series A6L, Sundance Spas Constance and Dimension One Spas Lotus Bay, according to HotTubReviews.com. All of these hot tubs are durable and a good value.


The weight of a hot tub depends on the manufacturer and size, but a typical 7.5-foot square unit weighs 855 pounds when it is empty. However, the filled tub contains 450 gallons of water and has room for up to seven people, increasing the weight to 5,665 pounds.


Many companies across the country offer hot tub rentals. Some companies have on-site rentals available, often in conjunction with spa services, while others deliver hot tubs to the renter's home.


Jacuzzi and PDC Spas are two well-known hot tubs manufacturers in the United States. Jacuzzi creates and sells free-standing indoor and outdoor hot tubs, while PDC Spas sells outdoor hot tubs and swim spas.


A qualified and a licensed electrician must perform hot tub electrical installations. The law in the United States and Canada requires this. The electrician must follow the local codes.


To drain a hot tub, users should first turn off the power going to the tub. The best way is to turn the breaker to the off position.


Most 240 volt hot tubs use four wires to power the heater, pump and electrical systems within the tub. The red and black legs each provide 120 volts. The white leg is a neutral wire, and the green leg is a grounding wire. If the system is a three-leg system, it will only use the red, black and green


Determining the model number for a particular hot tub depends largely on the manufacturer. Master Spa hot tubs, for instance, print the year, make and model in the owner's manual provided with the hot tub at the time of purchase.


A hot tub has a control panel with which the temperature is set to the desirable level. A good system has a panel that shows both the actual temperature and a setting temperature, which should be easy to read and set even in poor lighting.