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To repair a spa tub, first diagnose the problem. Common problems include spa tubs that just do not run, continuously move on low speed or leak. Once you have identified the problem, refer to the spa tub's user manual for self-repairs. If the manual's troubleshooting tips do not work, call a professi


Replacement and repair parts are available for Coleman coolers, grills, lanterns, stoves and tents. It's also possible to buy replacement parts for Coleman heaters, fireplaces, furniture and appliances.


If the hot tub has operational problems, first look at the power cord for damage. Sometimes the power cord may become frayed, resulting in difficulty turning the hot tub on.


Remove a spa by draining the water, disconnecting the electrical connections, turning the tub on its side, attaching four-by-four posts to each corner, and carrying it to a low trailer. Enlist the help of several others in carrying the heavy and bulky tub.


To order a replacement battery, go to Coleman.com and click on the "Repair Parts" link. On the left-hand side of the screen under "Repair & Replacement Parts," click on "Battery Lights & Flashlights." From the new page, select the preferred replacement battery from the provided list, click the "Add


To replace the bathtub in a mobile home, turn the water supply off, disconnect the drain line and water supply lines, and twist the shower head to remove it. Cut the heads from the plastic rivets on the surround, and drill the rivets out. Loosen the surround, and pull the surround off the wall. Unsc


Coming up with a good business name for a spa requires brainstorming, and one brainstorming method is to write down any names that comes to mind and select the best options. Using an online business name generator tool such as the one featured at Shopify's website is another method. Online domain na


In a 2013 Readers' Choice List compiled by Lisa Hallett Taylor for About, Coast Spas was named as the best brand of hot tubs to buy. Runners-up included Bullfrog Spas and Hot Springs Spas. The brands were rated on factors such as design, style, company reputation, available features, range of produc


To install a bathtub, you must turn off the water. Remove the old tub, if necessary, and select your new tub. Set the tub into place, and install the stringer and drain. Finally, properly secure the tub into place, and clean up.


Replace a tub drain assembly by determining the type of plug it uses, removing the plug and then removing the drain flange from the shoe. Once the flange is removed, clean any old plumber’s putty from around the drain and install the new flange and plug.