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Abraham Lincoln faces a different direction on the penny because the penny is an adaptation of a plaque by Victor David Brenner. The illustration was placed on the penny as a result of President Theodore Roosevelt's love for Brenner's work. Roosevelt recommended to have the illustration placed on th


The value of an Indian Head Penny depends on its condition and year, with a good quality 1901 coin valued at $1, and an uncirculated coin valued at $28 as of 2014. A good condition Indian Head penny from 1879 is worth $6, while an uncirculated version is $104.


Old U.S. pennies may carry a value anywhere between a couple cents to over $1,000, depending primarily on the date, condition and mintmark of the coin. In general, coins with earlier dates are worth more money than those with later dates.


The value of old pennies can be determined by auction houses, collector organizations and coin dealers. The value varies based upon the type of penny, its condition, the year and place of its minting, and its overall rarity. Some organizations use coin-grading services to authenticate and value coin


Websites allow coin enthusiasts to find the value of a particular coin with ease. CoinTrackers and My Coin Collecing are two such examples. Popular coins listed on CoinTrackers include Barber Quarters, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar and the Liberty Seated Dime. My Coin Collecting allows a collector


To find the value of an old coin -- other than having it appraised by a coin expert -- one should examine it based on a number of factors. Some factors that affect coin value are age, rarity, condition, design and country of origin.


As of 2014, the most valuable pennies are the 1944 steel wheat penny and the 1943 copper wheat penny; each have been known to fetch values up to $1,000,000 in excellent condition. The 1969-S Lincoln cent with a doubled die obverse and an EF-40 rating has an estimated approximate value of $35,000 and


Websites such as Bestcoin.com and CoinTrackers.com are online resources for evaluating U.S. coin values. Each site provides value assessments for a wide range of coins and separates coins by year and denomination. NGCCoin.com provides values for world coins from 1600 to the present date.


The Coin Trackers, Coin Quest and Heritage Auctions websites keep archives of various coins and their values. These websites offer tools and information for users to appraise old coins.


An old coin's value can be determined by checking the U.S. Old Coins Identification chart for coins from the United States and the U.S. Coins Red Book for coins that are not on the chart, according to About.com. Coins that are not found on the U.S. Old Coins Identification chart are likely commemora