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Some wonderfully picturesque coffee table books are “Ansel Adams: 400 Photographs,” “Atlas of the World, Twenty-first Edition” by Oxford University Press and National Geographic’s “Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World's Greatest Trips.” All of these books are available for sale on Amazon.com, as


The Pinebrook coffee table, Foundry coffee table, Cameron coffee table, Urban Loft coffee table and Overture coffee table are some unique coffee tables. The Pinebrook coffee table is made of natural pine solids, veneers and brushed metal.


Amazon is the website with the largest collection of coffee table reviews online. The online store sells over 12,400 coffee tables, and its web page features thousands of user reviews,


To decorate a coffee table, select a theme that you want to display as the focal point of your room. Combine interesting layers and textures to create a display that is unique and attractive to your personal tastes.


Examples of popular modern coffee table designs include a trunk-style wooden coffee table and an industrial minimalist table composed of iron and wood. These coffee tables are simple, functional and geometric, which are defining characteristics of modern furniture design. Online retailers such as Wa


Replace the glass in a coffee table by measuring the broken glass within 1/8-inch accuracy and ordering a new piece. It is often easier to draw the panel to scale on graph paper and label each measurement. Make a note of the color, bevel and frosting of the glass so the glass cutter provides an exac


Antique coffee tables are often available for sale at estate sales and auctions. Antique dealers and warehouses have a varying selection. Thrift and consignment stores sometimes have tables for sale.


Some unusual coffee table designs include using a park bench in lieu of a traditional table, placing large, polished granite slabs on the floor, converting an old door into a table, using a round rattan as a table and turning an old teak table into a coffee stand. In addition to style, people can ma


The Kentucky coffee tree is large tree that grows from 60 to 100 feet in height. It has a short trunk that is divided into several large branches ending in twigs. The Kentucky coffee tree has twice-compound leaves arranged in three to seven pairs of leaflets.


Unfinished tiles, copies of photos or Scrabble pieces can all be used to make coffee table coasters. These materials are used to create coasters that are completely original and ideal for use during home gatherings with family and friends.