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Our homestead exemption application includes all types of exemptions.Make sure you file for exemptions by April 1 for your exemption to apply for the current tax year.. Cobb County Basic Homestead. A $10,000 exemption in the county general and school general tax categories.


Do you live in Cobb or Cherokee County? Are you over 62? If so, you can apply for an school tax exemption on your property taxes. The exemption will save you approximately 65% of the tax bill for unincorporated Cobb County. To apply, fill out the form provided by the Cobb County Tax Assessor Office by March […]


Cobb County homeowners who are 62 or older as of January 1 (of the current year) may file for the School Tax Exemption (Cobb County Age 62 Tax Exemption) by completing and submitting the Cobb County Exemptions Form on or before April 1 of that year. Please visit the www.CobbTax.org site for the most current forms and filing instructions.


Delinquent Taxes Exemption Information Frequently Asked Questions General Information Millage Rates Mobile Homes New Resident Information Property Tax Estimator Property Tax Locations Property Tax Returns Tax Bills & Payments Transfer Ownership. ... Cobb County Property Tax Division 736 Whitlock Ave, Ste. 100 Marietta, GA 30064.


The increased exemption only applies to property taxes for the county general fund. It does not affect taxes for schools, bond indebtedness, and fire protection. Similar laws have been approved by the residents of some or all of the cities within Cobb County. It is limited to properties otherwise qualified for and receiving homestead exemption.


Cobb's senior populations is growing, sparking a debate over new senior housing and the county's generous school tax exemption.


(1) You must have basic homestead exemption to qualify for any other exemption. (2) By law in Cobb County when a homestead property is reassessed, the homestead exemption in the County General tax category will automatically be increased equal to the amount that the gross assessed value was increased.


Homestead, school tax and disability exemptions may be filed all year long, but to qualify for the current year exemption, you must occupy the property by Jan. 1 and apply by April 1. That is the absolute deadline for filing—all forms filed after April 1 will be processed for the following year.


Partial exemption of 30K towards school taxes IF income excluding Social Security and retirement income does not exceed 25K and SS/retirement is less than $60,792; at 65, income drops to 10K and an additional 2K credit is applied to homestead: Complete exemption from school tax at age 70. Hall County Home Exemptions: Jackson County


Homestead Exemptions Offered by the State. Standard Homestead Exemption The home of each resident of Georgia that is actually occupied and used as the primary residence by the owner may be granted a $2,000 exemption from county and school taxes except for school taxes levied by municipalities and except to pay interest on and to retire bonded indebtedness.