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Bronchovascular markings represent vessels in the lungs. Those fine vessels are visible in chest x-ray as fine white lines. These are abnormal or increased if they are too much and reach till the periphery of lung. Increased bronchovascular markin...


Bronchovascular markings are the visible markings made by blood vessels supplying nutrients to the bronchi and bronchioles in the lungs seen on a chest x-ray or computerized tomography (CT) scan. While these markings can be normal, when they become more prominently visible it can indicate an infection or underlying lung disorder.


I recently had a chest x-ray done and it came back with coarse bronchovascular markings. The heart is of normal size and the hilar and mediastinal shadows are within normal range. No focal infiltrates or pleural effusions. The doctor is looking for something connected to Unspecified diffuse connective tissue disease.


The short answer is no, it does not mean lung cancer. From Wikipedia: Bronchovascular Markings These comprise of 98 % vessels, mainly veins. Respiratory passages are not visible as these contain air. Normal shadows start from hila pass through proximal 1/3rd traverse to middle 1/3rd and just reach the border of distal third.


Bronchovascular markings mean the indicative of overall lung health. For example, healthy lungs are characterized by markings that extend the entire width of the thoracic cavity.


Explain coarsening of bronchovascular markings in right inferior region MD i have persistent cough i had s chest x-ray, report indicating, there is subtle coarsening of bronchovascular markings in the right infrhilar region appearance may reflect bronchitic but there is no overt ...


Hi, My husband has plain x-ray chest: the result was - evidence of increased bronchovascular markings and coarse lung reticulations.. What does this mean and what is the treatment.. ...


Answers from trusted physicians on crowding of bronchovascular markings. First: previous chest X-rays to compare, that would be helpful in making the determination ...


What to do when a Chest X-Ray report says "Bronchovascular markings" Medical Help: Q&A | Ask Medical Question, Get Answered by Specialised Doctors › Category: Food and diet › What to do when a Chest X-Ray report says "Bronchovascular markings" 0 Vote Up Vote Down. Nishant Kumar asked 3 years ago.


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Lessnau on coarsening of lung markings: findings, there is nothing to indicate TB.