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The cable news network CNN offers viewers live and breaking news stories from around the United States and the world. CNN was the first 24-hour live news channel when it was created by Ted Turner in 1980.


CNN does offer live online streaming through select television service providers. This option through CNN is called CNNgo and users do have to create an account through CNN to gain access to the live streaming feeds online.


A list of live television channels available to watch for free can be found on Streema and include numerous stations from all over the world, including Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS channels in the United States. Users can search the Streema website to find the channels they want to watch or browse the list


Broadcast channels are freely available to anyone with a digital receiver. Channel availability can vary between areas, but the biggest networks such as Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC are available in most of the United States.


Watch free live TV channels online at the official sites of networks such as ABC and NBC. These sites all allow users to watch free live streams, though service is not available in all areas of the country as of October 2015.


Top Channel live TV is itself an independent television channel, broadcasting across Europe through the Digitalb platform and in North America through the IPTV platforms of TVALB and Shqip TV. Audiences worldwide also follow Top Channel live TV with the downloadable application, which is compatible


As of 2015, there is no specific mention of any options available to translate the CNN en Español channel. CNN’s official website explains that all of its television programming in America does offer closed captioning. However, the closed captioning is available in the language that the progran is b


Some free online TV channels are History Channel Europe and BBC World News TV. There are many other free online TV channels available, such as KBS2 and NBC Sports.


A person can find online television channels for free on many different websites, including ufreetv and Livestream. Free membership registration is sometimes required in order to view all live streaming channels and events.


ABC, NBC, CBS, CW and Fox are the five major television networks that broadcast over the air in the United States. Each of these stations broadcasts to at least 95 percent of American households. Other available stations vary based on broadcast market and the viewer's location within that market.