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Your car should not make noises when turning, but if it does, then now you know what you can do about it. Luckily for you after reading this you can solve the problem and fix it or why your car is making clunking sounds when turning the steering wheel.


Q: I have been noticing a noise while I am parked, and turning the steering left and right. It is a clunk sound, and the whole assembly seems to jolt when it clunks. I had my wife turn the wheel while I was under the vehicle, and...


We have a mystery: there’s a clunking sound from our right front wheel when we turn, but our mechanic can’t figure out why - he says the axle, struts and ball joint there all look fine. What else could be causing the sound - is he missing something important? This sound happens about 50% of the time on turns.


When I turn my wheel slowly back and forth I get a clunk clunk noise, but it's not regular, it won't always do it in the same spot, and sometimes when I'm taking off from a dead stop without turning the wheel it will go do the clunking sound serval times irregularly.


If you hear grinding or clunking noises when you turn the steering wheel (especially at low speeds or when parking), check the CV joints first. 7. Damaged or worn out steering rack. Like I previously mentioned, the steering should be smooth when turning the wheel.


My 2011 Toyota Prius makes a clunk noise when I turn back and forth at low speeds, usually under 18 mph but when I drive at higher speeds the clunk noise goes away when I turn my steering wheel left and right. When I hit a bump I hear a noise as well. I lifted my car and looked underneath at the axle shaft and see no signs of rips or leaks.


Clunk Noise from upper intermediate steering shaft as your turning the wheel. After, 103,000 miles we still have the problem. This always concerned me and over the course of the years GM just said it will go away. Now, with this major recall #14299 and this clunk noise in the steering shaft it concerns us even more.


Knock/clunk felt through steering wheel. ... you turn left or right you get this knock sensation through the steering wheel. I get it when you are going at speeds below 10mph on uneven surfaces ...


Under normal circumstances, no steering wheel makes noise when turning.It will run smoothly when you turn a corner. However, if there is any problem with the engine or other parts, the car will make different types of noises. Remember that taking a turn involves the operation of many internal components.


If your steering wheel is making a loud rubbing noise when turning, the culprit could be the upper bearing on the steering column itself. This can cause the the plastic on the back of some steering wheels to rub against the cowling on the steering column. This is most noticeable in hot weather which causes some parts to expand. #5 – Bad Tie ...