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A boiler ignitor is a portion of a boiler that changes the fuel that is being fed into the machine into heat by lighting a connected burner. In older boiler models, ignitors were typically pilot lights that provided the initial fire that ignited the gas from the boiler'...


Replace the ignitor in an oven by removing the base cover plate, removing the ignitor, connecting the new ignotor and reassembling the oven. Replacement of the electric ignitor in a gas oven is considered an easy project that should take about 15 minutes.


A new water heater ignitor can be purchased online at HomeDepot.com and Build.com, as of 2015. These sites specialize in selling products to the do-it-yourself homeowner.


When a push button ignitor is engaged, a hammer within the device forcefully strikes a piece of quartz crystal, producing a spark that falls onto a ground plate within the appliance. When used in conjunction with a combustible material, a flame results.


Parts for gas oven ignitors can be purchased through online parts retailers such as PartSelect, Amazon and TheIgnitorStore. As of February 2015, PartSelect carries 88 different types of gas oven ignitor parts organized by oven brand, part length, material and color.


Ignitors on gas furnaces can be replaced. The particular method of replacement and type of ignitor depends on the model and manufacturer of the furnace.


To troubleshoot a gas oven ignitor, rub it with a toothbrush to remove dirt and debris, unblock the air hole with a needle, and then check the ignitor for sparks. If no sparks are produced, remove the old ignitor, and replace it with a new one.