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A short hi-def time-lapse video of clouds going by, shot in my backyard. This is my first time-lapse effort. Then I wrote a very short mellow song to go with it. Each clip captured a 38 minute ...


when clouds are moving fast it means either a tornado is coming or just a very very bad storm you could either loss power or it could just pass bye.


Towering vertical clouds have the greatest ability to produce intense precipitation events, but these tend to be localized unless organized along fast-moving cold fronts. Showers of moderate to heavy intensity can fall from cumulus congestus clouds. Cumulonimbus, the largest of all cloud genera, has the capacity to produce very heavy showers.


ELY5: The jetstream is the name of a wind, fast moving air, it can move up to about 400km/h. Sometimes it has clouds in it. Clouds are just lots of little drops of water held in the air.


Free HD Stock Video Footage! - Videezy is a community of Videographers who download and share free HD stock video! Join Eezy! Login ... Time lapse of boats near a port town with beautiful clouds moving fast in 4K Beautiful mountain range with white clouds moving in blue sky in 4K


Clouds can sometimes move at a few hundred miles per hour, but never over 500 mph. It gets more complicated when you notice how most clouds move generally eastward as seen from the ground. The Earth also spins eastward, so in fact the clouds are moving FASTER than the surface! This happens because of the Coriolis effect.


Clouds move with the wind at the height of the cloud. The wind at that level is rarely what you will feel on the ground. The various Weather Organisations around the world conduct wind flights using a pilot balloon and radar tracking every three hours (at specific sites) and calculate by triangulation the wind speed and direction every minute of the balloon ascent.


Best Answer: Clouds themselves are not moving;they are carried away by the winds blowing at the cloud level.If that wind is strong,clouds move faster.Winds usually become strong if there exists a low pressure system.


No. Fast-moving clouds may indicated windy conditions, but not atornado. When it comes to tornadoes, what you need to be on thelookout for are rotating clouds. share with friends.


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