Buy VANVENE 6 Jumbo Wood Clothespins - Set of 6 Big Clothes Pins (Set of 6): ... and Weight for Shower Gift; Add Names and Use as Personal Towel Hangers.

Clothespin Scarf Hanger Painted. Next, lay the clothespins out on the balsa wood . Make sure that they are evenly spaced… there should be about 3/4″ in ...

Household Essentials Blue Hanger and Clothespin All Dryers is perfect for travel, these clothespins let you leave anything out to dry.

10 Clothespin Hangers - Hooks Dry Clothes Pin Laundry Hooks- Hanger Not ... Fabric 11" x 14" Clothespin Bag/Holder with Hanger Laundry Assorted Colors.

Aug 25, 2013 ... If you need to hang up some clothes that won't rest properly on a normal clothes hanger, clipping on a few clothespins can get the job done.