Clothing of the 1980s included bright colors, bold patterns, over-sized sweaters, fitness apparel, large sunglasses and short bomber-style jackets with puffy sleeves. In the 1980s, as with other decades, clothing styles ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

A T-shirt paired with jeans is an acceptable outfit for a rock concert. Wear comfortable shoes that allow for jumping and dancing. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing Dress Codes

Modern Cuban clothing consists of casual cotton and linen attire that is lightweight, due to the warm tropical climate. Women often wear skirts or jeans with t-shirts or loose tops, while men wear jeans or cotton pants a... More »

Clothing sold at Forman Mills includes T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, dresses and vests, as of March 2015. The stores have sections for men's, women's, boy's and girl's clothing. Inventory varies for each specific store. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Clothes generally worn in autumn include denim and corduroy pants, long-sleeve shirts, jackets, boots and coats. Pants are preferred in autumn over shorts or skirts to keep the legs warm as temperatures may drop signific... More »

A dress can be made out of oversized button-up shirts, t-shirts and sweaters by pulling the neckline of the shirt to the top of the bustline and then wrapping the sleeves around the body. Those who do not know how to sew... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Clothes made from cotton include sweaters, jackets, socks, shirts, dresses and sleepwear. Cotton is commonly used in making clothes because it is soft and comfortable to wear. More »