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Of the 14 who knew about clonidine abuse, 10 used clonidine to reduce the amount of heroin needed to get high.. 9) An individual taking it may feel weak and tired. 1 mg tablets of clonidine hcl. Mobi can you snort clonidine hydrochloride 0 1 mg And books and living hopefuls may need to depressing festival of corruption their former rivals.


I've been takin 0.3-0.5 mgs and I must be the odd one out bc I actually get a high off it. It usually lasts 2-3 hrs, then I fall asleep. So I *usually* do it a few hours before bedtime. I won't be doin it anymore bc I'm on a BP med already for my kidneys. I didn't realize before that Clonidine was also used for BP.


clonidine is an opioid-sparing medicine, meaning it has synergy with it and reduces the "pre-clonidine" opioid requirement. Having said that, using it as an "opioid withdrawal" agent in "cold turkey" pt.'s, the dose rarely exceeds 0.3 mg three times daily. Actually, the withdrawal relief it provides primarily is the insomnia, chills, sweating.


ive been using drugs for 11 yrs. i use heroin and roxycontin and i always snort it up the same nostril. ive been to rehab dozens of times and the withdrawl was too bad long term. im weening down by a lot and then going to take subutex and clonidine for withdrawl. my problem is that i have to either snort the drug or shoot it and im scared of shooting cause i dont want to overdose. when i ...


You can get high on Clonidine, being a blood pressure medication it has the inherent effect of causing low blood pressure, which can cause blackouts and numbness. But it also has an effect similar ...


I've been on old school Oxy 80s for over 3 years now. You know the old incredible apos, just push and they powder like icing sugar. Started slow just crushing/snorting quarters of an 80 at a time. I was getting 240/m (for free) we were making money, we were so high and happy.


YES. While there is little research on why this is. I have known multiple people to be surprised at feeling ‘stoned’ upon taking the medication under certain (not uncommon) conditions. This even includes dry mouth and munchies for some. Clonidine ...


Rapid Detox, Only Miserable for 2-3 Days: Einwolff: Naltrexone, Clonidine & Various (for Suboxone dependence) Maintenance: Jeff F. Clonidine & Methadone


I have a prescription for 0.1 mg tablets of clonidine hcl. I take one at bedtime for anxiety/ insomnia. I've heard that you can snort clonidine while on other drugs and it acts as a nice sedative. However, clonidine lowers blood pressure and I'm not trying to have my blood pressure reduced to something dangerous.


can u get high on clonidine What can you tell me about Clonidine? - Support for Parents. If you snort clonidine will it get you high - The Q&A wiki Can you get high on clonidine - The Q&A wiki Yes if u take 3-5 pills you can blackout. clonidine get you high - MedHelp - Health community, health. Common Questions and Answers about Clonidine get ...