Ancient Mesopotamia had a dry glacial climate, along with Egypt and other empires of the ancient Near East. Mesopotamia was located in what is now known as Iraq. More »

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Baghdad is located in Iraq, and it is the capital of the country. Baghdad is located approximately 300 miles from Iraq's northern, southern and western borders. More » Geography Europe

Ancient Mesopotamia occupied the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and most of what is now Iraq. It also extended to parts of what are now Iran, Syria and Turkey. It was bordered by the Zagros Mountains to the... More »

There are many fun ways to teach students of all ages about Ancient Mesopotamia. Because the subject matter is entirely new and obscure to most children, interactive and hands-on lessons represent the most effective and ... More » History Ancient History

Mesopotamia refers to the ancient land that was located in the eastern Mediterranean region. This area of land was bounded by the Zagros Mountains in the northeast and was the Arabian Plateau in the southeast. More » Geography

The ancient land of Mesopotamia occupied all or part of the land that now comprises the modern day countries of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey. The region was called "Mesopotamia," which means between two rivers, because i... More »