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To play the Clifford Measuring Up game, navigate to Pbskids.org/clifford/games/measuring_up.html, and click the yellow Play button. Click on the item that matches the description provided by the game.


The Public Broadcasting Service, or PBS, is a private, non-profit broadcasting company founded in 1969 to offer content that educates, inspires and informs American viewers. PBS creates and distributes a wide variety of programming, including educational children’s show...


"Halfpipe Hoverball," "Hearts and Crafts," "Bathtime Helper," "Marbleous Marvel Coaster," "Feed the Dingo," "Dress Up Time," "The Cookie Case", "Code Breaker", "Make the Cake," "Clifford's Big Parade" and "Creature Features" are some of the popular games on PBS Kids. Th...


Some games on PBS Kids Go include “Kart Kingdom,” “Giant Hide and Seek” and “Oh Noah! Lost and Found.” These educational games help kids learn math, problem solving and other skills.


"Clifford's ABC," "Clifford, We Love You," "Clifford's Happy Mother's Day" and "Clifford to the Rescue" are 8-inch by 8-inch books that feature Clifford the Big Red Dog. For level 1 readers, there are "Clifford's Best Pals," "Clifford's Busy Week," "Clifford Is a Star" ...


PBS Kids is the children’s television programming branch of the Public Service Broadcasting network. As of 2015, PBS Kids offers children's programs, including “Sesame Street,” “Thomas & Friends” and “Wild Kratts,” on 356 public broadcasting stations across the United S...


Public Broadcasting Service programs include "Antiques Roadshow," "Nova," "American Experience" and "Frontline." PBS is a non-commercial public broadcaster featuring a wide range of programs exploring science, history, fine arts, drama and public affairs.