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There are a host of clever pig names based on celebrities – “Hocktor Dre,” “Piggie Smalls” and “Natalie Porkman” are all possibilities. Need more funny names for pigs? How about Chris P. Bacon or even Chewbacon? Vote for the funniest pig names on this cool pig name list, featuring both male and female names, and have fun choosing!


The guinea pig takes on the name of the person it goes to first! Write different names on a few index cards and place them around the room with some guinea pig food; you can even do this in the cage if it’s big enough. Whichever card it eats off first is the name that the guinea pig chooses! Easy, right? I think so!


Welcome to the new Clever Pig! My name is Chris Love and I am the editor and webmaster of Clever …


Funny Pig Names. You're adopting a pet pig... I'm going to assume you have a sense of humor! If you looking for funny pig name puns, look no further! These clever pig names are sure to make you crack a smile!


The Name "Clever Pig" A ‘clever pig’ is also a ‘cunning ham,’ and a cunningham is one of the sail controls that is critical for going fast in almost every sailboat. This device got its name from Briggs Cunningham, a longtime resident of Southport, CT (home of the Southport Sailing Foundation, founders of CleverPig.org), who was the ...


Choosing a name for any pet can be a challenge, and pot-bellied pigs are no different. Some people like to get to know their new pet's personality prior to deciding on a name while others have made up their mind before even seeing them.


Cute Pig Names . Finding a cute name for your piglets can be a lot of fun if you know what you are doing. Getting started is the first and most difficult step to finding attractive name options. A good approach is to choose a topic and try to find simple, yet clever, related names.


Male Pig Names . If you are having trouble coming up with a name, don’t sweat it (your pig certainly won’t). There is no need to wallow in the mud. Our male collection is designed to alleviate your strain. Primarily fueled by visitor input, our list provides an array of ideas coming from various backgrounds.


Need a name for your piglet? Here are a few of our favorites. Southerners love pigs. And we show our affection in different ways. We frequent our neighborhood Piggly Wiggly, read Charlotte’s Web to our kids, or adopt and bring them into our families.. Although not as common as cats or dogs, pet pigs are not completely unheard of across the South.. While most pig owners opt for the smaller ...


Piggies with pork-related names. I know people can change their names, but I was really tickled by a piggie named Prosciutto down in Ix, and another one named Tocino in Firozi. ... (ham in italian) because it's my native language, so if u wanna see many other exotic pig names, just visit my home street :) Posted 6 years ago by PzSniper | Permalink.