Kids learn about the biography of Cleopatra VII of Ancient Egypt. The last Pharaoh and friends of Romans Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.


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A collection of fun and interesting facts about Queen Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt ... There are many works of art that tell the story of Cleopatra.


Mar 13, 2019 ... Her name was Cleopatra VII Philopator and she ruled Ancient Egypt ... She has appeared in many works of art and dramatizations of her story.


There are many stories told of how rich Cleopatra was, but we cannot be sure if these are true. For example, one story says that she took baths in milk, to make her ...


Discover more about the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra and her life as the ... There are many stories about her suicide, but the earliest stories say she was ...


Cleopatra, an Egyptian Queen was one of the most famous women in the history. She ruled ancient Egypt for 21 long years. She was the last Pharaoh of Egypt.


That's what happened to this famous queen. For almost 300 years, Cleopatra's family ruled Egypt. As she grew up, she was her father's favorite child. When her  ...


Let's start with Cleopatra of Egypt – definitely one of the most famous queens of ... They had fun as kids, and enjoyed stories and games, playing the piano and ...