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Clear gelatin is tasteless until flavorings are added. Jell-O varieties include strawberry, which is red in color; lemon-lime, which is green; and raspberry, which is a burgundy shade. In addition to flavored gelatin, Jell-O also offers puddings in flavors such as banana split, cinnamon rice, vanilla rice and butterscotch.


A sample dinner on a clear liquid diet includes beef broth, lemon-lime soda, white grape juice and cranberry gelatin. To make cranberry gelatin, place a 3-ounce packet of orange gelatin in a bowl. Add 1 cup of boiling water and stir until dissolved. Add 1 cup cold cranberry juice. Stir the mixture, pour into serving dishes and chill.


Flavored gelatin can make a liquid diet less monotonous, as it offers a textural alternative to clear beverages and broth. Many varieties of JELL-O will be off limits because they're orange, red or purple, but you still have many flavor options, including lemon, lime, pineapple, apricot and mango.


CLEAR GELATIN FOR FLOWERS: This gelatin powder is the clearest gelatin out there. That's why we call is Super Clear gelatin! You can make all your beautiful 3D gelatin creations with this clear gelatin. Gelatin flowers, fish, people, shots, you name it! HIGH STRENGTH: Our super clear gelatin is the strongest gelatin on the market.


Evening meal: ½ cup of juice, ¾ cup of clear broth, ¾ cup of ginger ale, ½ cup of flavored gelatin, and 1 cup of herbal tea with honey or sugar; Evening snack: 1 cup of flavored gelatin; What are the risks of a clear liquid diet? The clear liquid diet does not provide all the nutrients you need.


Also, I should mention that you need to add the flavoring while the gelatin's still hot -- if you don't, it'll cloud up. This seems to be true with alcohol-based flavoring, too. If you stir and give it a chance to warm back up, it'll clear, but I'm not sure if it's quite as clear as before the extract ... I'm going to have to do some experimenting.


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As I've mentioned in another question, I'm attempting to make a large block of gelatin. Unfortunately, my first few attempts come out a bit amber in hue, using just water, sugar, gelatin and clear flavoring. After some research, I found a video on making clear gelatin in which they: used a different brand of gelatin


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