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While in many cases the only solution for fixing peeling clear coat on cars is by entirely removing and reapplying the clear coat, very small blemishes can be repaired by slightly scuffing the area for adhesion, then reapplying a few layers of clear coat. However, this is only a suitable solution fo


Repairing minor scratches, abrasions or other imperfections in a vehicle's clear coat only requires a clear coat repair kit and some sandpaper. Manufacturers such as 3M, PlastiDip and Mirka produce at-home kits for repairing minor clear coat damage.


To repair a scratch in the clear coat, first clean the car panel with warm soapy water. For scratches that have only penetrated the clear coat, the scratch can be carefully sanded out. After sanding the clear coating, the scratched area needs to be replaced.


To use a window repair kit, place your car in a cool, dry place, such as a garage or shaded area; clean and pat dry your windshield so the kit adheres properly; take an adhesive strip from the kit; and remove the backing film before adhering the strip over the center of the chip. Take a blunt instru


To repair a door using a door jamb repair kit, take the door catch out of the door, fill all the holes and cracks in the door with wood glue or wood filler, and place wood clamps that are included in the kit on the cracks to hold them together. Allow the glue to dry for several hours with the clamps


To repair a tear in a convertible top using a repair kit, clean the area around the tear with isopropyl alcohol. Apply the included tape to the underside of the tear, allowing the tape to extend 1 inch past the damaged edges. On the top side of the tear, apply the waterproof adhesive, and apply the


To remove clear coat from a car, use wet/dry sandpaper, water, rubbing compound, touch-up paint and a dry, soft cloth. The amount of damage sustained to the clear coat determines to what degree it can be restored.


Some good coatings for roof repair include acrylic, polyurethane and silicone. Another roof coating option is polyvinylidene fluoride coating. This type of roof coating is available under the brand name Kynar. It is typically used with low-slope roofs and various types of metal roofing applications.


Leather repair kits are available at a variety of sites online, including amazon.com, leatherworldtech.com, leatherreparikits.com, joann.com and 3mauto.com. Offline stores carry leather repair kits as well, such as Joann Fabrics and Ace Hardware, as of 2015.


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