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Created by Barkley International, the Make-A-Flake game is a simple online game running on Adobe Flash that lets a user make beautiful and original snowflakes. The user creates the snowflakes by directing cutouts on a folded piece of paper.


To remove clear coat from a car, use wet/dry sandpaper, water, rubbing compound, touch-up paint and a dry, soft cloth. The amount of damage sustained to the clear coat determines to what degree it can be restored.


Dry, flaking or peeling nails can be caused by a variety of both external and internal reasons, including trauma to the nail or a vitamin deficiency. It can also be caused by excess moisture, the application of false nails or a diet deficient in iron.


A person's fingernails can flake as he ages, since the nails become weaker with time. Damage to the nails, such as through excessive dishwashing or swimming, can also cause flaking.


One way to make a fake snowflake is by folding a piece of paper in different ways and cutting patterns into the folded paper. When unfolded, it creates a unique snowflake.


Trim flaky nails and lightly buff the surface to remove excess flaking, then protect and soften the nail with an oil, cream or petroleum jelly, according to Good Housekeeping and Best Health magazine. The point is to stop the peeling from getting worse and keep the nail layers soft and moisturized.


Possible substitutes for red pepper flakes include cayenne pepper, Chile de Arbol, chile paste or a small red chile. Because all of these different types of chiles vary in heat from red pepper flakes, it is important to adjust the amount added to a recipe accordingly. For a recipe calling for 3/4 te


Cornflakes are not a great food for diabetics, but no single type of diet plan works for every person with diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association. Cornflakes are a food with a high glycemic index, therefore causing blood glucose to rise higher than do other types of foods.


Powder coating is a dry finishing process that applies a protective and decorative layer of paint to surfaces. Powder coats are available in a wide range of colors and textures, allowing manufacturers to create a variety of looks for their products.


While in many cases the only solution for fixing peeling clear coat on cars is by entirely removing and reapplying the clear coat, very small blemishes can be repaired by slightly scuffing the area for adhesion, then reapplying a few layers of clear coat. However, this is only a suitable solution fo