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Vinyl blinds splattered with grease, such as in a kitchen, require a bit more cleaning than blinds that are simply dusty. Since the blinds are vinyl, they may be washed with a mild soap-and-water ...


I really appreciate your tip to start from the top and work your way down when you are cleaning vertical blinds. My wife and I recently moved into a house with a very big sliding glass door, and we want to get vertical blinds to give us more privacy. If we do get the blinds, I will be sure to clean them from top to bottom!


Fortunately, cleaning blinds isn’t that difficult of a task. And figuring out how to clean blinds is as simple as knowing what material they are made of. Most are made from either wood or plastic. Read on for tips about cleaning blinds of both varieties. Tools for Cleaning Blinds There’s really no one best way to clean blinds.


- If you still need additional cleaning after dusting, wash or spot clean blinds. For dusting and washing vertical blinds, there are different methods between vinyl/PVC/plastic. The instructions below are for vinyl/PVC/plastic. For tips on how to dust and wash fabric vertical blinds, see cleaning vertical fabric blinds below.


If your blinds have been in a house that had a fire, smoky cooking in the kitchen or a cigarette smoker, here’s how to remove the oily smoke and soot build-up for plastic blinds. For fabric blinds, use the section above for Quick (Dry) Cleaning for Vertical Blinds. The rubber dry cleaning sponges work well for removing soot and smoke residue.


There is no exception for your gorgeous vertical blinds. You can clean mould and odor from your fabric or vinyl vertical blinds easily with white vinegar. If you don’t want mess during cleaning, take out the vertical blinds from hanging instruments. Place them outdoors. Fill the spray bottle with undiluted white vinegar.


Vertical blinds make a nice addition to any room and their popularity is aided by their easy upkeep. With regular maintenance they are fairly easy to keep clean, however, fabric vertical blinds will need to be deep cleaned from time to time to keep them looking great.


Vertical blinds allow light to filter into your room, but unless the window is open, cigarette smoke and nicotine stains stop at the surface of your blinds. The greasy film left by nicotine stains causes odor and discoloration on your vertical blinds. It's best to clean your blinds while hanging to prevent damage to the material.