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To clean a window air conditioner, slide the unit out of its case, move it outside to work, and straighten any bent fins. Vacuum the coils, spray with air conditioner cleaner, and rinse with a hose. Once the unit is clean, reinstall it in the case, and change the air fi...


Tools needed to clean an air conditioner include 4-in-1 screwdriver, shop vacuum, fin comb, leather gloves and rags. In addition one also needs certain materials including A/C coil cleaner, household cleaner and electric motor oil.


Outside air conditioners provide cooling throughout the home, use existing furnace duct work, do not take up window or floor space, and are more efficient and quieter than in-home air conditioning units. Also known as central air conditioners, these systems provide clea...


Users can clean or replace the filter in a window air conditioning unit. Some units have reusable filters, which users wash and put back into the air conditioner. Other filters cannot be reused and need to be replaced.


The tools needed to clean an air conditioner include a vacuum, a can of aerosol coil cleaner, cloths, a cleaning brush, a screwdriver and a can of compressed air. Window units and exterior air conditioners also benefit from pressure washing.


To shade an air conditioner outside, cover the unit with a canopy to protect it from sunlight, and surround it with shrubs, bushes and trees. Plant tall trees that develop large crowns with lots of foliage if you installed the air conditioning system in the south area o...


According to Homestructions, clean air conditioner drain lines by using white vinegar, bleach and water. Using an improvised vacuum cleaner or a mighty pump to clean a condensate drain line is another option.